11 November 2009

CDD Boot Camp Day 17

Things have been interrupted in the middle again and its irritating me. Not really HOH's fault or mine but life got in the way. I have to say though that I feel firmly planted in my role and that he is in his. So this week will end Boot camp. Although he will reserve the right to institute it at anytime again. A whole lot is not really going to change. I will still be punished (with or without reason) and I will still be answering to him. I am ok with that. In fact I rejoice in that. I want him to continue to push me and help me to grow in ways I can't imagine. So ends this part of the journey, but the larger picture goes on.

I have racked up quite a bit of punishment and HOH has not been able to deal with me properly. the stress of success has caused me to slip in my obedience and respect and will very soon atoning for my sins. Hoh is firm but fair and I appreciate that.

I will continue to be punished everyday until my sentence is complete and though kids and life have gotten in the way> we will be revisiting boot camp weekends soon I am sure.

I am so proud of HOH, he has really come into his own and embraced his role in all this and helped me to understand mine. He IS the head of the house, its not a question or a maybe but a fACT. I will not deny or challenge that. Hold on tight readers I am SURE I will be having a hard last days. Especially when I have been neglecting my duties for computer time.

God Bless


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  1. I have always believed a naughty wife should be thoroughly disciplined by a husband. From the moment you said "I do", at your wedding, is the moment, you should have been put over his knee, your bridal dress raised waist high, your panties, taken down to around your ankles, and a good spanking given to you on your bare bottom.