02 July 2009

What does it mean to be a Submissive Wife?

I know a lot of feminist activists are going to want to lynch me when I say this but that movement killed femininity. The biggest lie we were ever told as women are the same as men, in the eyes of God we are equal heirs but we are not the same by any stretch of the imagination.

Ok I get it for thousands of years women were the property of men, we were their footstools and little more than baby making machines in the past, but there is a happy medium. We can be feminine, submissive and still maintain self respect and the ability to affect the world around us.

So a lot of people who know me don't live the lifestyle I do: where husband is head of the household instead of a brow beaten shell of a man like current trends would prefer him to be, ask me why? Why would you want to undo years of freedom in order to be a servant to your man and his desires? First of all that is far from true. I am no ones servant, except the Lord of course. I do not sit and pine for him to return and when he does greet him with slippers in one hand and beer in another like some outdated 50's sitcom (no offense to those that do), I have not had to give up my desires and dreams, I am just 2nd in command. I realized a long time ago that a ship can not sail with two captains, a car can not be driven by two people. What if they can't agree which way to go, they can't both be steering because the vehicle would crash and so have many marriages. I didn't want my marriage to be one of them.

Submission isn't about who can one up the other, or a husband having his wife at his beck and call. Its a gift a wife gives her husband on the condition that he always puts her needs ahead of his own and he loves her more than he loves himself. I can also argue that I don't have a choice but we always do. I could choose to serve God and obey his word or I can disobey God and my husband in one shot. God has decreed that husbands are to be the heads of their wives as Christ is the head of the church and we are to obey them in all things. God is at the top of my Chain of Command my husband is an under shepherd just over me. Another reason why I agree with my submission is that my husband will be judged not only for his sins but the sins and the condition of his HOUSEHOLD that God placed him in authority over. How is that fair if he also did not have the means to keep order and peace in his household.

Submission comes from the heart, you can submit your body but if your heart, soul, and mind don't follow you won't progress. One of the most profound moments in my life was when I realized our marriage is an example of what God wanted and if I needed to be spanked in order to maintain proper submission then that is what my husband would do without hesitation. I fell in love with him all over again.

God Bless


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